Survey Policy

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The purpose of this policy is to establish the terms and conditions under which interviews such as surveys and audio interviews may be conducted in Morris Library. This policy is intended to help maintain an appropriate environment for study and research in the library. The administration, faculty, and staff of Morris Library strive to protect the rights of individuals to privacy and to be undisturbed while using the library.


  • Individuals wishing to distribute and collect questionnaires and conduct interviews in Morris Library must obtain permission in advance. At least two days before the activity, visit the Administrative Office on the 2nd Floor, Room 290, to explain the purpose and details of the activity, show any data collection instruments, and provide documentation of appropriate approvals.
  • All projects must follow “University Policies Affecting Research”.
  • If the project is for a course assignment, please bring documentation of the assignment and instructor approval according to the policies regarding “Student Research”.
  • If the project to be conducted in Morris Library involves non-exempt human subject research, it must comply with policies regarding “Human Subjects Research” and be approved through the Office of Sponsored Projects in advance. The documentation of approval must be provided before permission will be granted to conduct the project in the building.
  • Administrative Office staff will discuss the activity with the Dean and then communicate whether the project may be performed in Morris Library.
  • On the day of and before beginning the activity, check in with the Administrative Office. The Administrative Office will notify Library staff of the activity.
  • Do not approach users in Morris Library who are actively engaged in research or study.
  • If an individual does not wish to participate in the interview or survey research, respect their wishes. Solicitation is not permitted in Morris Library.

Approved by Steering Committee by email: August 11, 2014