Diversity Statement

Main Content

Morris Library collects, preserves, and provides access to information for the SIU campus community. We serve and advocate for diverse users and seek to create an environment conducive to research, learning, and exploration. Following are explanations of how Morris Library values and supports diversity in relation to our patrons, collections and resources, facilities, and employees.


All library users are welcome regardless of race, sexual orientation, country of origin, gender identity, disability, etc. We strive to provide an environment that is free from harassment and is protective and supportive of the rights of all library users.

Collections and Resources

Morris Library builds, maintains, and provides access to a collection of print and online resources that meet the needs of our university’s diverse stakeholders, creating a collection that supports free inquiry and rigorous scholarship.


Morris Library embraces diversity with physical spaces such as the Lactation Room, the Family Study Room, and an All Gender Restroom. Morris Library treats all groups equally when making reservations for available space and when confronted with varying ideas and beliefs.


As members of an inclusive campus community, everyone employed by Morris Library has a responsibility to treat coworkers, faculty, staff, students, and patrons with respect and dignity.


Links Relevant to Diversity and Inclusivity: