COPE Fund (SIU Carbondale Open-Access Publishing Equity Fund)

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The SIU COPE (SIU Carbondale Open-Access Publishing Equity) Fund seeks to advance the use of open access as a means of distributing the research and creative work of the Southern Illinois University Carbondale community by providing financial support to cover the fees charged for open access publication.

Funds for the SIU COPE Fund for this year have been exhausted. No applications are being accepted at this time. Updates on the status of the COPE Fund will be posted when available. Email for assistance.

Previously funded articles can be found in OpenSIUC.

Email for more information.


Author Eligibility

SIU COPE grants are available to faculty, including nontenure track faculty, and graduate students on the Carbondale campus. Only one author per article may apply. Authors may not submit applications to cover the fees for a journal when they or any of their co-authors hold a financial interest in the publishing company that publishes the journal.

Journal Eligibility

Grants are available for open access journals, which are journals that do not charge a fee for institutions, libraries or readers for access to the content, and do not have an embargo period for access. Journals are subject to review based upon review process, reputation, presentation, marketing techniques, acceptance rate, and other factors as needed. In addition, journals must meet at least one of the following criteria:

Fee Eligibility

Only those fees associated with open access publishing are eligible for support. Costs for reprints, color illustration fees, non-open access page charges, administrative charges and other fees are not supported.

Articles whose underlying research was funded by grants that allow funds to be used for open access fees are not eligible for funding.

Maximum Support Limits

In order to include as many authors as possible while covering typical costs, the following limit applies to support awards for each author:

  • $1500 per article and per year

Review Process

Disbursement is determined on a first come first served basis, provided all guidelines are met. The SIU Cope Fund review committee will confirm eligibility.

Submission to OpenSIUC

The SIU COPE Fund is part of Morris Library’s commitment to support open access, which also includes management of the SIU institutional repository, OpenSIUC. Acceptance of open access grants requires submission of the supported article to OpenSIUC within three months of publication. Questions about OpenSIUC, including details about the submission process, can be emailed to

Application for Support

To apply, complete the SIU COPE Fund online application form.

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