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The proxy bookmarklet lets you reload a web page through Morris Library's proxy server. If the page you are visiting is one that the library has a subscription for, and you're presently off-campus, you should gain immediate access to the resource once you've logged in with your SIU Network ID and password.

How It Works

  1. Install the proxy bookmarklet in your browser’s bookmark toolbar.
  2. When you come across an article that doesn’t recognize that you are affiliated with SIU (i.e., you’re prompted to pay for it), click the proxy bookmarklet in your bookmarks toolbar.
  3. You will be prompted to login using your SIU Network ID and password.
  4. If Morris Library has access to this item, the page will reload showing new links for viewing or downloading your article.

How to Install


Right-click on the following link: Proxy Bookmarklet for Firefox, then select the “Bookmark This Link” option.

Google Chrome

Drag this link to the bookmarks toolbar: Proxy Bookmarklet for Chrome.


Drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar: Proxy Bookmarklet for Safari.

Internet Explorer

Right-click on this link: Proxy Bookmarklet for Internet Explorer, then select the “Add to Favorites…” option.

iPhone and iPad

On iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, copy this line of text:


Bookmark this page or any page, then tap the Bookmarks button to edit the new bookmark, paste the text you just copied, then tap “Bookmarks” and then “Done”.

All Bookmarklets adapted courtesy of the University of Michigan Library MLibrary Labs.

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