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yellow moon gyroid, a complicated shape reminiscent of a cluster of soap bubbles hangs from the ceiling of the third floor rotunda in morris library

When you have a moment, head to our third floor rotunda and admire Yellow Moon Gyroid which is now permanently suspended there. The sculpture honors the work of retired SIU professor Alan Schoen, a mathematician and designer who discovered the gyroid minimal surface in 1968 while working for NASA.

Created by Nervous System Studio of New York and assembled by studio staff and local middle and high school students, Yellow Moon Gyroid stretches five feet tall and is made from 93 individually-shaped pieces of thin plywood and 1,200 rivets. As befitting a minimal surface—one which has the smallest area possible with a given boundary—Yellow Moon Gyroid arrived in Carbondale flat-packed in the equivalent of two pizza boxes.

More information on Yellow Moon Gyroid, minimal surfaces, and Alan Schoen are available on Nervous System's blog.

The creation of Yellow Moon Gyroid and its installation were sponsored by SIU Credit Union and individual donors through the Gyroid Foundation.