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Morris Library exhibit cases and space offer the university community an opportunity to display collections or artwork, advertise the activities of university organizations, and/or to graphically present topics of interest to the academic community. The goal of the exhibit spaces is to create an inviting and educational environment for all library patrons and to stimulate inter-disciplinary and academic discourse. Displays also serve as a medium to integrate the library into campus and everyday student life.

Fill out the form to apply for exhibit space. Return completed forms to the Library Administration Offices on the second floor of the library building.

Having a reception for your exhibit? See our Events page.

There is a vertical display case in Delyte’s, along the southern wall of the coffee commons. The first and third floor Rotundas are available as exhibit areas as well.

Displays in the Hall of Presidents and Chancellors are arranged through the Special Collections Research Center and are governed by a separate policy.

The Art and Exhibits Committee at Morris Library oversees and supervises the planning and preparation of the displays. For further information, call 618-453-2522.


  1. Exhibits should reflect the interest of research and/or teaching in higher education and be mindful that the library is a public space. They should not advertise commercial products. Morris Library encourages exhibits from a variety of perspectives, and respects the exhibitors' right to freedom of expression. However, the exhibition space may not be used to promote a current political candidate or agenda or to advocate intolerance for groups or individuals.
  2. The case in Delyte’s is 55" tall x 41" wide x 20" deep.
  3. The Art and Exhibits Committee maintains a supply of the following materials for use by exhibitors: glass shelves (sizes 8 x 40" and 19 x 40"), shelf brackets, and bookends. The first floor Rotunda is equipped with an art hanging system suitable for framed work. 
  4. The exhibitor is responsible for collecting and preparing all materials for display.
  5. Applications to mount an exhibit should be submitted to the Arts  and Exhibits Committee as far in advance as possible. Proposals submitted less than 2 months in advance of the exhibit may be rejected due to short notice.
  6. Applications will be considered according to their intellectual content, originality, design plan, aesthetic value, and subject matter. The Exhibits Committee reserves the right to review each exhibit and to require changes in keeping with these guidelines, as well as to specify the duration of the exhibit. The Art and Exhibits Committee may contact the exhibit organizer with questions, comments, or concerns about the proposed exhibit. Exhibit proposals for the First Floor Rotunda must include a detailed description of the exhibit plan, an artist’s statement, and a letter of support from a Faculty member if the artist is student Faculty from the College of Art and Design may also be consulted before art installations are approved for the Rotunda spaces.
  7. There must be signage in the case indicating the group, program, or department sponsoring the exhibit; as well as the statement, “The views are of the organization represented and do not necessarily represent those of Morris Library.”
  8. In preparing materials for an exhibit, clearly state the purpose of the exhibit and appropriately label all items. The Art and Exhibits Committee encourages you to request signs and labels through the Morris Library Administration Office. The graphic designer can help you plan the layout of your exhibit and prepare materials, including a title banner, text blocks, and graphics. To request this service, please submit a complete Work Order form at least one (1) month before the exhibit is to be mounted. The form will be provided upon request.
  9. You may use library materials in exhibits. Resources (books, illustrations, photographs, etc.) that complement the exhibit can be found in the library. Library materials for use in the display may be checked out through the Art and Exhibits Committee.
  10. To avoid the appearance of incomplete exhibits please be prepared to install the exhibit in one day. An Art and Exhibits Committee member will supervise the installation of your exhibit. Please plan to remove the exhibit on the agreed upon date.
  11. SECURITY OF EXHIBITS:The display cases can be locked, but the First Floor Rotunda cannot be secured as it is outside of the security gates in the library. The Arts and Exhibits committee suggests mounting and or framing all pieces for the artist's protection. The Arts and Exhibits Committee and Library Affairs are NOT responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen materials.
  12. The cost of installation and de-installation of artwork in the Rotunda spaces is the sole responsibility of the exhibit organizer.
  13. Receptions and celebrations related to exhibits must be set up through the Morris Library Administration Office (618/453-2522).
  14. Give two weeks’ notice to the Exhibit Committee if the exhibit is being cancelled.


May 2010
Rev 11/10