Event Space FAQ

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Answers to common questions about reserving and using spaces at Morris Library for events.


Who can make a reservation?

Organizations or units that are organizationally part of the University, organizations or groups affiliated with the University, and other organizations, especially non-profit organizations, whose primary mission and intended event or meeting is instructional or research-related and which may contribute to or enhance the acdemic or cultural life of the campus.

When is a reservation request confirmed?

When a reservation request is made, it can take up to three business days for Administrative Office staff to process the reservation.

Once it is processed, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the primary contact person.

How can I make changes after a reservation is confirmed?

Changes or cancellations can be made by phone to the Administrative Office staff at 618-453-2522 or in person at Morris Library's Room 290.

Each request must have a primary contact person. Only the contact person who makes the reservation can make any changes to the reservation. Any inquiries or requests will be referred by Administrative Office Staff to the primary contact person listed on the reservation form.

May I make a recurring reservation?

No space at Morris Library may be used for regularly scheduled classes over the course of a semester with the exception of Library-led instruction.

Other recurring events may be requested; approval will be at the discretion of the Dean of Library Affairs.

How do I reserve multiple spaces for the same event?

For two spaces for concurrent or consecutive events, please complete the Rental Request Form, making both the Preferred Location and "Secondary" Location.

If you require more than two spaces for the same event, or the events are at different times (e.g., a conference), please submit a separate Rental Request Form for each location.

How do we access the space for rehearsal or run-throughs?

A tour of the space, prior to rental or after confirmation, is available at a mutually convenient time in order to assess seating, layout, and a general feel for the space.

If you wish to access the space early to test your PowerPoint, rehearse, etc., you will need to request the space for that time. Additional charges will apply for non-affiliated events.


There are no longer any fees for SIU affiliated groups.

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Who provides signage?

General room signage will be posted for all events. Additional signage is the responsibility of the requestor and must be approved by the Library Administrative Office. Signage is not allowed on walls or glass.

What kind of displays may we have?

All displays and/or decorations proposed by the group shall be subject to prior approval by the Dean of Library Affairs.

Decorations, including but not limited to, balloons and stickers of any kind, candles, bubbles, fog and smoke machines, live Christmas trees, hemlock, balsam, Spanish moss, and decorative greens that contain pitch are not permitted in the Library.

All decorations must be freestanding and nothing can be attached to any walls or doors.

All preparations for the event must be performed on the date of said event and within the time that has been reserved.

The Library does not provide storage facilities. All items used for the event must be removed immediately after the event.

What if my event runs over?

Scheduling of staff for events are based on reservation times.

Reservation times should include break-down and clearing of event space.

Use of the space past the reserved time is not guaranteed.

There is a charge of $200 ($150 for RSOs) for events that take place when the library is closed.