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Answers to frequently asked questions about overdue books from Morris Library.

How much does an overdue book cost me?

  • We do not charge overdue fines for our normal circulating collection.
  • Overdue Reserve materials cost $1.00 per minute they are overdue.
  • Items that become 28 days overdue are automatically assigned a status of 'lost.'
  • For more information on fines and fees please see our page on the topic.
  • To see how long you can keep an item, check our Loan Periods.

How can I stop the fine from building up further?

  • Return the book to the Circulation Services desk on the first floor of Morris Library. We recommend you get a receipt in case there are questions about when the book was returned.
  • Renew your book. You can do this online by logging in to your I-Share account or by calling the Circulation Services desk at 618/453-1455. If your book has a pink band (interlibrary loan), you should call 618/453-3374 to renew.
  • Borrowers from other I-Share libraries should return items to their home library or renew online by logging in to their I-Share account.

Where and how do I pay the fine or fee?

  • At the Circulation Services desk on the first floor of Morris Library.
  • By mail to the following address: Circ Desk, Morris Library - Mail Code 6632, SIUC, 605 Agriculture Drive, Carbondale, IL 62901.
  • Fines may be paid in cash, with a check or money order, or by credit/debit card in person between 8AM and 4:30PM. DebitDawg cards are not accepted. For additional information on paying by credit card, please call 618/453-1455.

What happens if I don't pay my fine?

  • It's referred to the Bursar's Office. If you have outstanding library charges at the Bursar's Office, you may not be able to register for classes for the next semester, get your grades, graduate, or get your transcripts.
  • Borrowers from other I-Share libraries will be sent a fine/fee statement. Unpaid fines/fees will result in your I-Share account being blocked and your library privileges suspended at your home institution.

For more information, contact Circulation Services on the first floor of Morris Library or by calling 618/453-1455.

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