Family-Friendly Study Room

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Room 320D is configured as a place for students who must bring their children with them while studying. The room contains toys, books, and a smart TV for children to use while their parent studies.

  • Only students who need to bring their children with them while studying may use this room.
  • The room is available on a first-come, first-served basis. It cannot be reserved in advance.
  • Use of the room, including the computers, is to be shared - with a maximum occupancy of six (6). While there is no time limit, please be courteous to others wanting to use the room.
  • Drinks are permitted as long as they are covered in acceptable containers (see Library food & drink signage).
  • Do NOT leave children unattended in the room.
  • Changing stations are located in the third floor restrooms, as well as the first floor restrooms – by the northeast entrance, across from the Guyon Auditorium.
  • The room should be left clean and orderly. 
  • Family Study Room books and toys should not leave the room.
  • Library books brought into the room from other areas should be placed on any table outside of the room or on the re-shelving table near the elevators.
  • The room is not sound-proof; please remind your children that the library is a quiet place and they should use soft voices; please keep all devices at reasonable volume levels.
  • Please respect all items in the room as well as other occupants.
  • If you encounter problems (no lights, water leaks, etc.) when you enter the room, please notify the staff at the circulation desk on the first floor immediately.
  • Failure to follow the Family Friendly Study Room rules may result in loss of room privileges.