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Lynn Geske, Staci Batteau, Jessica Piper

These three wonderful people have been answering my many questions so patiently and kindly over the past few weeks since I've been learning this new job.  I'm so grateful to be part of

Aundrae Burrowes

I came in to SalukiTech with my USB recorder drive and was turned away, being told it was dead and unrecoverable.  Not accepting this, I took it to Aundrae in your systems department, and afte

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Staff

The ILL folks are rocking it!  I submitted a dozen requests for journal articles on Sunday and the ILL folks have been emailing and electronically delivery my articles since yesterday morning.

Tony Bittle, David Bond, Joe Fiedler, Susan Howell, Joyce Metcalf, Anna Xiong

Congratulations to Morris Library employees who were recognized recently for their years of service at SIU!

With 10 years:  Joe Fiedler, Susan Howell, Anna Xiong

Jian Xiong and Walter Ray

Great job with U.S.

Matthew Borowicz

Please shout out for Matthew and his co-workers as they go the extra mile in caring for the needs of their patron, Casey, by providing water-filled bottles in this hot weather.  Way to go, guy

Josh Gray

Josh Gray has always been courteous and polite in my encounters with him as a member of the Morris Library staff.  He is very helpful and understanding.  Good job, Josh!

Kenyahtta Gray

Kenyahtta Gray really took her time with helping me find the book I was looking for. She was very kind and nice.

Shouter:  Jorrow Blackwell

Submitted:  09/06/2013

Jennifer Burns

Jennifer Burns, my GA, does consistently excellent work in Interlibrary Loan, as evidenced recently by an e-mail to me about Jennifer's helpfulness and commitment to customer service.  &qu

Michelle Harris and Sarah Lawrence

Thank you Michelle Harris and Sarah Lawrence for working so hard this summer.  I have really enjoyed working with you.  Your help was invaluable in getting the library signage done and in

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