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Sharon Granderson & Whitney Brockman

Thank you to Sharon Granderson and her undergraduate assistant, Whitney Brockman, for helping me with the Illinois Central Railroad exhibit on very short notice.

Christina Gould

Thank you for all you did to make my visit to Special Collections so productive. I appreciate all your hard work to make my research go so smoothly, as well as the warm hospitality. You rock!!

Doug Simmons

Doug built and configured the server that the new website runs on. He installed all the modules Cassie uses on a daily basis. He put numerous hours in to getting the site running.

Aaron Lisec & Beth Martell

Aaron Lisec, with the assistance of Beth Martell, did a fantastic job on the research and installation for the "Emancipation Proclamation at 150: Narratives of Soldiers and Former Slaves"

Julie Arendt

Julie always taught the Introduction to Engineering students about proper referencing and about the library.

Quinton Webster

Quinton greets everyone who enters the Administrative Office with a smile and welcoming greeting.

Circ Services Students

It is so nice to have such fun and dedicated student workers who are willing to work over their breaks from school.

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