Kyle on 3rd Floor


U.S. Constitution Day Celebration

Please reserve Tuesday, September 15th 2015, 7:00 PM. for Morris Library's Annual U.S. Constitution Day Celebration in Guyon Auditorium, first floor, Morris Library.

Privacy in the Digital Age

Libraries have been at the forefront of the fight for privacy & intellectual freedom throughout American history.

Privacy in Your Library Training, September 8 - 9

Do you have questions about privacy in your library, agreements with library vendors, HTTPS, Tor, and warrant canaries?

Joshua Vossler

Joshua has been such a great help not just the school year but also during the summer.

Katlynn Dodd & Denali Carpenter

Katlynn and Denali worked hard to finish a large, joint project for IRM and Public Services in a very short amount of time.

Thinking with Bruno Latour in Rhetoric and Composition Now Available from SIU Press

A new book from SIU Press, Thinking with Bruno Latour in Rhetoric and Composition, explores a groundbreaking sociologist’s theories in rhetoric, composition, and writing studies.

Kudos to all the individuals who helped with Arts Education Days 4/15 & 4/16.

Kudos to Patrick Brown, Avis Myers, Beth Martell, Patrick Dean, Jana Simonis, Jamie Qualls, Maira Gimenes, Amber Loos, Jennifer Horton, Yucen Liu, Emily Kaye, Wade Stofko.  Thank you for the f

Patrick Brown

Patrick did a stellar job with Morris Library's participation in the University Museum's Arts Education Days.

New from SIU Press: Creative Writing Pedagogies for the Twenty-First Century

A new book from SIU Press offers inventive teaching methods for the creative writing classroom.

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