Shout Outs

Preservation Graduate Assistants and Student Workers

Thank you to the Preservation Unit's Preservation Graduate Assistants & Student Workers: Kathy Maves, Florian Trebouet, Savannah Broadway, Emily Kaye, Yucen Lui, Wade Stofko and Patrick Wes

Rich Beach and Sharon Granderson

Congratulations to the Library Affairs Dean's Outstanding Staff Award nominees!

Aundrae Burrowes

I am a visiting artist from South Korea.  I gave a public presentation at Guyon Auditorium on April 1 at 7:00 p.m.  I came to the auditorium a few hours early because I had to download 7

Tre Mathis-House

Thank you Tre for devoting much of your time to scanning the Daily Egyptian microfilm.  This would be impossible without your help.

Shouter:  Matt Gorzalski

David Bond

David helped me get some much needed microfilm from the Canadian Archives for my current research paper and future dissertation project.  The information on the reels is vital to my research a

Vanessa Trotto

Vanessa taught me how to use the printers, and she always has a smile on her face.  She is such a good worker.

Shouter:  Maggie Martin

Submitted:  03/30/2014

Jennifer Horton

Thanks for staying late last week to show the students from the IJSHS (Illinois Junior Science and Humanities Symposium) the 3-D printer.  They were clearly impressed and were an inquisitive g

David Bond and Interlibrary Loan

David Bond is my hero.  I use Interlibrary Loan all the time.  Oftentimes, my research requires hard to find materials, particularly microfilmed records.  In fact, I used Interlibrar

Jessica Zieman

Jessica came to our globalization class and showed us a bunch of geography-specific resources.  I found it extremely helpful!  Knowing how nice she is, I feel much more comfortable coming

Jennifer Horton

Jennifer Horton provided me a great write-up of the library that I used in my ABET Accreditation report that is being prepared with a rough draft due soon.

Shouter:  James Mathias

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