Shout Outs

Christina Bleyer

What did they do?: Christina has created a fabulous online exhibit of 16 of the Japanese Woodblock prints of the Sino-Japanese War: http:/

Accounting Staff: Staci, Doug and Stephanie

During the time that Lynn Geske retired and we hired Toni Vagner, the accounting staff really pulled together to help the derpartment.  Anytime I needed information, such as AIS Employee Numbe

Steve Sawyer

Mr. Sawyer was invaluable in negotiating with sister libraries on my behalf.

Arron Conley

Arron is one of the best library staff members in the entire world. I have traveled to over 27 countries and been to over 300 libraries and I was so impressed by the SIU library.

Josh Vossler & Matt Borowicz

He was empathetic, a good listener and has always been kind and helpful to me this semester.  I came in here last week to retrieve a flash drive that was left in the computer.  A young la

DeDe Davis

DeDe is the student worker that keeps circ going :) She stays on top of helping patrons all while keeping up with the behind the scenes circulation work, like sorting and shelving.


I am a distance learner and Eva did an awesome job answering all of my questions regarding payments of fines and renewal of materials.

Abigail Wheetley

I just wanted to thank Abigail Wheetley for creating and assisting in the very successful Homecoming Scavenger Hunt! She worked very hard and long making this event a success.

Beth Martell, David Bond, Jordan Bennett

Beth did a wonderful job designing the Halloween exhibit in the Hall of Presidents and Chancellors.  Thanks also to David Bond and Jordan Bennett for helping install the exhibit.

Rachel Ippolito

Rachel is always very helpful and kind when I need help finding resources in the basement even though I have nearly crushed her with the book shelf.


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