Shout Outs

Doug Simmons and Cassie Wagner

Thank you for dropping everything to work out the bugs in our Shout Out form and create a Captcha to prevent spam!  You're awesome!

Shouter:  Teri Stobbs Ricci

All Library Staff

They just sang Christmas carols!  Thnx, it was fun!  :)

Shouter:  Alex Zavala

Submitted:  12/23/2013

Events Committee and Many Eager Bakers Throughout Morris Library

The Annual Cookie Banquet was an awesome highlight to a challenging weather day!  Thank you to the Events Committee (Tammy Winter, John Ballestro, Susan Howell, Aaron Lisec, Linda Porter-Smith

Spenser Morrissey

A library patron returned a book with a considerable sum of money tucked into the pages.  Spenser Morrissey, a Library Affairs student assistant, immediately turned over the cash and the book

Cayla Wiegele

Thanks and congratulations to Cayla Wiegele who graduates this semester.  I appreciate all your hard work and going above and beyond every day.  Morris Library is a better place for you h

Steve Sawyer

When I was unable to renew my I-Share books online back in August, Steve called the libraries involved and got all my books renewed; he also ironed out a problem with my status in the system. 

Mark Watson, Jodi Miley, Cindy Kvamme, Chris Milazzo, Linda Porter-Smith, Betsy Herman, Karin McClure, etc.

An awesome team of about 25 Morris Library faculty and staff, Morris Library Student Ambassadors, and other SIU staff and student volunteers spent Saturday, November 23 at the Mounds Public Library

Walter Ray, Judy Simpson and Aaron Lisec

Walter, Judy and Aaron have worked tirelessly to move hundreds of storage boxes off of compact shelving in preparation for our move to the University Press building.  Thank you all!!

Kenyahtta Gray

Kenyahtta is always very helpful.  She always has a smile on her face, and is a good person.

Shouter:  Damilola Iseyemi

Submitted:  11/25/2013

Kaari Oberg, Karen Wolf, and Jodi Miley

On behalf of the Planning Committee for the event, "From Illinois to Europe . . .

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