User Conduct Policy

Morris Library seeks to provide all users (faculty, staff, students, visitors, and community members) with a welcoming, comfortable, and safe environment that promotes intellectual exploration, lea

Patron Privacy Policy

Morris Library respects our users’ privacy.

Conducting Survey Research and Interviews in Morris Library

The purpose of this policy is to establish the terms and conditions under which interviews such as surveys and audio interviews may be conducted in Morris Library.

Bulletin Board Policy

Morris Library has three public bulletin boards.

Lockers Policy

Morris Library has twenty four (24) lockers available for checkout to SIU faculty, staff, and students.  The lockers are located near the east entrance on the first floor near Guyon Auditorium

SCRC Faculty Papers Guidelines


Morris Library exhibit cases and space offer the university community an opportunity to display collections or artwork, advertise the activities of university organizations,

Group Study Room Guidelines

These guidelines provide general information about Morris Library's group study rooms, their contents, and how they should be used.

Family-Friendly Study Room

Room 320D is configured as a place for students who must bring their children with them while studying. The room contains toys, books, and movies for children to use while their parent studies.

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