Preservation Graduate Assistants and Student Workers

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Thank you to the Preservation Unit's Preservation Graduate Assistants & Student Workers: Kathy Maves, Florian Trebouet, Savannah Broadway, Emily Kaye, Yucen Lui, Wade Stofko and Patrick Westra! They are so dedicated and hardworking! They toil away behind the scenes repairing books & other materials with immeasurable kindness, patience and dedication so that SIU students, faculty, staff & the community have access to Morris Library materials. They are real superheros in the library, working with items affected by water, mold, pests, dirt & grime. They are a wonderful, talented group of student employees and Morris Library is lucky to have them. Thank you Preservation Students for all your amazing, hard work!!!

Shouter:  Kate Harrison, Library Affairs Preservation Unit

Submitted:  04/15/2014