Aundrae Burrowes

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I am a visiting artist from South Korea.  I gave a public presentation at Guyon Auditorium on April 1 at 7:00 p.m.  I came to the auditorium a few hours early because I had to download 7 movie clips for the presentation, which took 3-4 hours.  I could not figure out how to upload the movie clips fast enough during my presentation.  However, I had Aundrae Burrowes helping me for technical support.  He was trying many different ways, and figured out how to upload quickly.  He explained it to me, but I was not familiar enough.  He had already stayed beyond his work day, but could see that I was getting frustrated and nervous.  He could have left, but he stayed in the auditorium to support me during the whole presentation.  He wanted to make sure that everything went well.  The presentation went very well and was very successful because of his help.  I could not thank him enough.  Without him, my presentation could have been disorderly and gone poorly.  I really appreciate his work, and his service was the best I have ever been given.  Today I want to praise Aundrae Burrowes for best quality service.  Thank you so much!

Shouter:  Sophia Park, Visiting Artist in Metalsmithing Program

Submitted:  04/03/2014