Steve Sawyer, Howard Carter, etc.

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The members of the Strategic Planning Committee spent months drafting a new Mission, Vision, Values, and Strategic Plan for Library Affairs.  Thank you to all the members of the committee, but most especially to Steve Sawyer, who led us through the entire process with support from Howie Carter.

Committee members to be thanked include:  Rich Beach, David Bond, Howard Carter, Kate Harrison, Kristine McGuire, Jodi Miley, Anne Moore, Jamie Qualls, Walter Ray, Teri Ricci, Steve Sawyer, Mark Watson and Jian Xiong.

We also want to thank John Washburn for his dedicated and insightful facilitation of our two retreats.

And thank you to all of the faculty and staff of Library Affairs who attended the retreats, reviewed the documents, asked meaningful questions, and submitted excellent suggestions for improvement.

Shouter:  Anne Cooper Moore, Dean

Submitted:  01/14/2014