Mark Watson, Jodi Miley, Cindy Kvamme, Chris Milazzo, Linda Porter-Smith, Betsy Herman, Karin McClure, etc.

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An awesome team of about 25 Morris Library faculty and staff, Morris Library Student Ambassadors, and other SIU staff and student volunteers spent Saturday, November 23 at the Mounds Public Library, putting it back together after it was severely vandalized.  They traveled down with book trucks and tools to methodically organize the books, place the shelving, and re-shelve the entire collection.  On Sunday, November 24, Morris Library employee Doug Simmons got their library's computer system back up and running.  Without the volunteers' generosity in time and hard work, the Mounds community would not have a library.  It will take another visit in a couple of weeks to finish this labor of caring.  Kudos to all who gave so generously to help others!

Shouter:  Anne Cooper Moore

Submitted:  11/26/2013