Kaari Oberg, Karen Wolf, and Jodi Miley

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On behalf of the Planning Committee for the event, "From Illinois to Europe . . . And Back: Watershed Science and Sustainability Research by SIU Fellows," I want to thank Kaari Oberg, Karen Wolf, and Jodi Miley.

Kaari and Karen guided me through the process of reserving the auditorium and the setup process.

Kaari helped me fill out the forms for using Guyon Auditorium and library equipment for the event, making several good suggestions.

Karen helped finalize the plans for the event, and also made good suggestions.  She also set up the sound, helped load the presentations, and made sure we had the correct number of tables, etc.

Jodi, and students from the Morris Library Student Ambassadors RSO, helped to set out the food for the event.

It would have been a much rougher process without these people!  Thank you all so much!

Shouter:  Mary Taylor

Submitted:  11/14/2013