Writing Contest for U.S. Constitution Day Seeks Entries

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Morris Library is sponsoring a writing contest in honor of U.S. Constitution Day. Cash prizes will be awarded for the best essays. The topic of the contest is "Guns, the Second Amendment, and SIUC: What Would Make Me Feel Safe?".

Submissions are due by 11:59pm on April 15, 2013.

Prizes will be awarded to the six entries judged best according to the posted criteria, with one 1st place winner receiving $150.

Guns and safety are local as well as national issues. SIU recently took steps to oppose firearms on campus by joining more than 355 colleges and universities in the "Campaign to Keep Guns off Campus.” Local politicians like U.S. Representative Bill Enyart and Illinois Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon have weighed in on gun control. Even Carbondale mayor Joel Fritzler has talked to the press about his opinions.

In 1000-1500 words, entrants should describe what steps SIUC can take to make our campus as safe from gun violence as possible. They should provide a reasoned response to the problem of gun violence in American society as it affects SIUC. This response should take into account the right to gun ownership guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution as upheld by recent court cases.

Creativity as to writing format is encouraged. For example, an entry could be an essay, a letter to a public official, an analysis of gun-related executive orders, or a speech written for the President to present.

Entrants may contact librarians for research help and use the Writing Center. Contest organizers Anna Xiong, Government Documents Librarian, and Walter Ray, Political Papers Archivist, have created a list of resources entrants may use to begin their research at http://libguides.lib.siu.edu/content.php?pid=438487&sid=3589978.

The winning entries will be posted in OpenSIUC, SIU's research repository, where they will be available to the world at a constant URL.

For a more complete explanation of the contest and its rules, please visit http://libguides.lib.siu.edu/constitutiondaywritingcontest2013.

If you have questions, please contact Walter Ray (wray@lib.siu.edu) or Anna Xiong (axiong@lib.siu.edu).