Sixth & Seventh Floors Completed

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The Morris Library renovation begun in 2003 is finally complete. The outdated 1950s design has been re-imagined as a spectacular showplace for SIU and a center for students. The 6th Floor opened at the beginning of the spring 2014 semester to welcome math students to two flexible classrooms and two laptop-equipped labs. Now the 6th Floor is Math Central for all students taking courses below calculus. Math faculty enjoy innovative teaching environments with movable chairs and lecterns, remote control A/V and projection, and 360 degrees of glass writing surfaces. Students get help with online, self-paced exercises and take their exams where they attend class.

On January 27, the 7th Floor opened as the new home for the Center for Learning Support Services and its Tutoring Center, which offers group study sessions, academic coaching, learning consultants, Saluki peer mentors, and math tutors for free. The Center for Learning Support Services also operates state-of-the-art Testing Services, proctoring the following types of exams: distance education courses, nationally-standardized tests, professional certification, and make-up exams.

Students now enjoy a variety of flexible individual and group seating arrangements that encourage collaboration. Any personal device connects to “pucks” in a central panel of our mediascapes to project onto one or two flat panel screens. If students need an adaptor or docking station to connect their devices, they can check one out from the Circulation Desk on the 1st Floor. Even if students do not bring their own devices, they can still be productive using an SIU-provided computer attached to the mediascape.

The Northeast corner of the 7th Floor is arranged in concentric half-circles of seating around a mediascape with two flat panel screens. This set-up is conducive to informal class sessions, meetings, and webinars. Library Administration will cordon off the area for scheduled sessions. Web cameras are available for checkout from the Circulation Desk and can be used with any screens on the 6h and 7th floors.

In addition to the unscheduled, fluid seating arrangements, Math classrooms and labs, Tutoring Center, and Testing Services, six other classrooms feature freeform environments for almost any purpose.