Associate Dean Tulis wins James Bennett Childs Award

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The 2014 James Bennett Childs Award was awarded to Susan E. Tulis. This award honors a person who has made a lifetime and significant contribution to the field of government documents and their use in libraries.

From the press release:

"The many letters received in support of Susan’s nomination describe the valuable contributions she has made to the profession through publishing, service and leadership. Susan’s work editing the Shipping List, her numerous articles and book chapters, and her editorial leadership on DttP and the Directory of Government Document Collections and Librarians continue to make an impact.

"Susan has an extraordinary record of professional service at the state and national levels, including a remarkable three term tenure on the Depository Library Council. She has been active in AALL and MAGERT and especially in GODORT, where she has served on several committees and in many capacities, including GODORT Chair.

"In the nomination materials, Susan’s colleagues describe the knowledge, energy, and leadership skills that she has generously shared throughout her career. Her work as the Assistant Washington Affairs Representative and her participation in the DuPont Circle Conference and the Chicago Conference demonstrate her exceptional skills leading and organizing others to get the job done.

"Throughout her career Susan has been a tireless advocate for public access to government information and her knowledge, collegiality and leadership have inspired a great many. To quote from one of her letters of support “Susan Tulis has shown us all the impact one person can have when they are dedicated to librarianship, believe passionately in a cause, and provide strong leadership in service to the profession and the public."