Module 1: Copyright Basics & Requesting Information

This module will teach you what copyright is and when it is appropriate to seek permission for use of materials protected by copyright.
As you begin this course, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why study copyright?
  • Why be concerned with copyright?
  • Why does copyright--law, policy, guidelines, rules, etc. exist in the first place?
  • Where did copyright law come from?

Here are the objectives for this module:

  • You will be able recognize and list the basic exclusive rights of a copyright owner.
  • Learn more about “why” copyright law exists and where it all started (history of copyright).
  • Understand when permission should be requested for use of works protected by copyright.

The content of this module contains the following information. Please read the material in this tutorial carefully to understand the copyright licensing concepts. When you finish the module, answer the quiz questions to test your knowledge.
Click the Quiz button when you’re ready to test your knowledge! Remember that you must answer each question correctly before moving on.
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